A warm, crusty, finished product… Look at this beautiful loaf of bread … so simple and yet so complex. Simple because it is something we all know, take for granted, and can enjoy (even if it is a carb!). It is has been part of our human history almost since the beginning.

And, it’s also rather complex, because a loaf of bread is not easy to make. Have you ever tried to make a loaf on your own? Well, to be honest, I never thought about it. I just went to the store. But, my Dad has begun a project to make an artesian loaf of bread. I never realized all of the steps involved. And the math… every ingredient is selected and amounts calculated. Each process has its purpose- any one left out could create failure. And it takes time- you can’t be impatient.

I am proud of my Dad- What an accomplishment! He has the time and the patience to make a loaf of bread. Not an easy feat…

To me, that sounds just like communication. It takes selecting the right words, the right meaning and knowing the right delivery to make a great information exchange. Any one left out could create a failure- a misunderstanding, a missed sale, or missed opportunity. It takes time and patience. Hopefully, when you talk, you have the patience to create a beautiful product.

Making Bread…

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