Dr. Julee Hafner is a Communication Strategist who partners with executives and solopreneurs to grow their skills, human-to-human. The ability to connect on a human-to-human basis is becoming lost in today’s society. This skill, has more impact on the current digital connections we make and are essential to our very survival. Communication skills can make or break your business. It can change your sales numbers. And it can make you disconnected and unhappy. Whether we make or avoid miscommunications, it maintains our silence or pushes us to say the right thing…

Communicating effectively with all types of people is an essential skill, no matter what industry you work in. Understanding what makes up productive conversations. After spending over 20 years in the communication field, working with professionals, helping them to convey their message, build effective active listening skills, and improve constructive feedback strategies, Julee knows what truly drives professionals.

Dr. Julee, an expert speaker, whose audiences have fun learning how to communicate with style, stay positive while confronting tough communication situations, and work more constructively together to solve problems while unleashing the power of communication. Professionals discover how to optimize “soft skills” for success in business.

Dr. Julee is a an established researcher with experience in dealing with workplace change- the science of unlearning. Workers who use knowledge, must know how to effectively update information in our digital world, and convey these messages no matter the form: face-to-face, via phone, email, or on any social media.

Most importantly, Dr. Julee understands that Human Capital is every company’s most important asset. She is committed to the development of professionals through workshops, seminars, and executive mentoring. In mentoring sessions, she develops a unique relationship that benefits her clients, creating awareness, to find internal resources needed by business professionals. As a result, professionals are more aware of how to think, and have strategies to improve their performance in any situation.

Dr. Julee holds a Ph.D. in Leadership from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, a M. S. in Communication Sciences from Towson University, and a B. S. degree in English from the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Julee is a certified John Maxwell speaker and coach, a student of Sandler Sales Training, and certified in D.I.S.C. style analysis. She has published several books, researches and publishes in the field of unlearning- the science of knowledge change.